WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, or Quick Cache or Hyper Cache?

We assume you are running one of cache plugins for your WordPress site; if not, then you need to implement one ASAP to improve your page speed. It has been preached again and again, your web page loading speed does play an important role in your page ranking. It also helps to retain your visitors. Unless your site has unique contents that visitors must have, you are unlikely to retain visitors to your slow-loading site.

WordPress offers several cache plugins. Based on the number of downloads (as of March 18, 2012), the top four ranked in the following order:

  1. WP Super Cache 3,028,927 downloads
  2. W3 Total Cache 1,026,799 downloads
  3. Quick Cache 275,509 downloads
  4. Hyper Cache 231,102 downloads

Your problem is now “which one for my site?” This little TIP hopefully will help you select the best one for your site.

Each plugin has its own legion of supporters that would wholeheartily recommend the plugin of their choice. You will do yourself disservice choosing one simply based on someone’s suggestion.

The best way of choosing it is Try It.

Install the plugins one a time, play around with the settings, search TIPs and tricks from WordPress plugin website or Google search to obtain the best performance from the plugin. Give it two or three days, constant monitor your web page speed by checking with Google Page Speed Test:

Record your final page speed.

Repeat the routine for all plugins, then compare and select the best one.

This site uses W3 Total Cache based on a partial speed test.

We have been using WP Super Cache for almost a year. The selection was made without any testing and was simply based how easy the plugin is and how many people are using the plugin. What a mistake.

The use of W3 Total Cache was accidental  as we decided to switch to it to implement MaxCDN. We are glad that we made the switch and wished we had done it much earlier. What a difference between the two plugins: 79 vs 91 in speed test. We did not test the other two plugins as they are unlikely to dramatically improve page speed beyond the score of 91 (there are many factors beyond our control in trying to improve the speed as suggested by the page speed test).

But please DO NOT take our word for it. DO yourself a favor and do not put off by how easy or how difficult to set the settings, try them all, compare speed and select the one best works for your site.

DO let us know what is your selection.