WP Smush.it Timeout and HTTP Media Upload Error

WP Smush.it, Timeout?

WP Smush.it’s default timeout is set at 25 seconds. If you constantly experience timeout errors, you can increase it by modifying wp-smushit.php file.


* http_request_timeout filter — bumped up to 25 seconds for larger images
function wp_smushit_http_request_timeout($time) {
return 25;

You can increase the timeout from 25 to a bigger value.

HTTP Media Upload Error

If you are experiencing http error when uploading media files, you can add the following codes into .htaccess

# Exclude the file upload and WP CRON scripts from authentication
<FilesMatch “(async-upload\.php|wp-cron\.php|xmlrpc\.php)$”>
Satisfy Any
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Deny from none

http upload error