Password protects wp-admin directory

Password protects your wp-admin directory is one of recommended security measures to harden security-leaking WordPress websites. It is a very simple effective security measure but it also has potential to disrupt the rendering of the WordPress site because the security-mind-seriously-lacking developers (kind of reminding us the well-known company whose software indirectly created the billion dollar anti-virus industry) have insisted on calling some functions for regular … [Read more...]

Protect your wp-admin – WordPress admin security

Your WordPress admin account is a glowing target for crackers.  One suggested way to improve WordPress admin security is NOT to use admin as your admin username. If you are currently using admin as username, don't worry.  You can still change it. create a new hard-to-guess username Change it to admin Demote admin username to user or subscriber. Don't delete it, use it a decoy. Other things to consider Never use the admin account to post news or blogs - … [Read more...]