SEOPressor on-page SEO

SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin used for on-page optimization needs. You may have spent countless time and effort improving and optimizing your site SEO, but do you know how to improve on-page SEO? Your site may have a PR 6 but how is PR # for individual post? Some of the WordPress SEO package does provide means to improve on-page SEO, but there are no benchmarking and suggestions on improving your on-page SEO. SEOPressor Scores and Recommends With its "secret" … [Read more...]

SEO – Do It Youselfer (DIY)

Everyone needs a SEO, either a SEO plugin or a DIY SEO. Plugins are good but you don't know if they are indeed performing to your expectation. As the plugin gets more and more "advanced", things get more and more complicated. With so many parameters/variables to worry about, sometimes you need a manual to make sure if you have done right or wrong. If you are using a plugin, check page source to see if the plugin is indeed doing what you want. Or you could manually … [Read more...]

SEO – Nofollow Internal Links Plugin

Nofollow Internal Links plugin will add the "nofollow" rel attribute to internal link, such as read more, tag cloud links, categories, archive links, author post_link, and comments popup link. We recommend remove the following two filters //nofollow categories add_filter( 'wp_list_categories', 'cis_nofollow_wp_list_categories' ); ... ... //nofollow post category add_filter( 'the_category', 'cis_nofollow_the_category' ); ... ...   First filter will … [Read more...]