Profile Builder for Registration Spam Elimination

If you are reading this, you are likely having dubious honor of getting flooded with registration spams. WordPress backend registration maybe is the most spam friendly ever conceived by a reputable software. You may have tried all the spam fighting plugins in the plugins depository/directory, but spams continue to pour in. Without resorting to spam checking sites (not as effective as you would like to see), you can effectively stop registration by spambots using Profile … [Read more...]

Profile Builder for User Login

So, you have installed WordPress, in a breeze. Great, congratulations! Now you start to explore and everything seems to fabulous, until … Until you log out, what a surprise – you are greeted by WordPress!  Did WordPress hijack my site? Does WordPress have to remind visitors the site is powered by WordPress? Or worse, visitors could mistaken your sites being run by WordPress. If you happen to remove the META widget, without a login plugin, you will have to manually type … [Read more...]