Remove post image link url

Remove post image link urlFor better post/page SEO, images in the post should not be clickable.

You can manually select “none” for Link URL each time you upload an image into a post. But if you are not paying attention to the selection, you can accidentally add image link URL.

To prevent this from happening, you can install “Remove Link URL” plugin to automatically select “none”

This plugin removes the Link URL that is enabled by default when images are uploaded to your WordPress blog.

There are times that you do want to add a link to the image in order to link to another post or an external site, you can insert the link manually by editing the post. Or while you are uploading the image, add the link into the Link URL box. Either case, make sure to add rel=”nofollow” into the link.


  1. There is no need of this pulgin in WordPress 3.5.

    Under “Attachment Display Settings”, once you set the “Link To” to None, it will be applied to all your subsequent image uploading (unless of course you wish to change the setting).