Profile Builder Pro for total registration spam elimination

If you were using the Profile Builder for user login Tip from Profile Builder basic version, you would have dramatically cut down computer-generated registration spams and you would be so relieved of not having to see so many spams filled in your mailbox.

But Profile Builder basic is not 100% spam proof, you will get spams, if certain scripting kids, who have no life, have learned your trick by using different first and last names.

You will not get a large volume of spams, you can simply ignore them and delete spam registrations afterwards.

If you are really fed up, you may purchase Profile Builder Pro for total spam elimination.

The “Email Confirmation” and “Admin Approval” features will help fortify your registration, in addition you can also activate reCAPTCHA and add it to your registration form for even better protection.

You can use the Pro Version without any customization. You may want to customize the ReCaptcha to make it look better and can be easily discerned. Google should simply remove all other themes or make them all with longer width – you want to make things easier for your users, not to make them frustrated. If you cannot read clearly yourself, then don’t even bother implementing it.

The default one is, frankly, very ugly looking and because of its short width, it is very difficult to read.

To customize it, check Google’s Customizing the Look and Feel of reCAPTCHA page for help.

Among all the themes, the “clean” theme has a clean look with a longer width, so it can be easily read.

It is very easy for implementation; just add the following codes into the register page you created, before shortcode [  wppb-register ]:

< script type=”text/javascript”>
var RecaptchaOptions = {
theme : ‘clean’
< /script>

You may want to use different theme to fit your own WordPress theme. But again, make 100% sure that you can read it.

To totally eliminate registration spams, you still need to force all registration through Profile Builder register page. Check our Tip
Profile Builder for Registration Spam Elimination

Note: Deactivate and delete the basic version first before you install the Pro version. You will see error messages if you delete the basic version after the Pro version installation. To get rid of the errors, de-activate the Pro version and re-install it. You will need to re-enter all the setup information.

Check Tip to use Profile Builder for user login:
Profile Builder for User Login

You can use the login widget from the Pro version for user login, so you don’t have to customize your theme to make it work.

To see it at work:
WordPress-TIPs registration


  1. tacneplong says:

    are you using pro version ?

    • Yes. Some no-good kids picked up the requirement of different first and last name with the Basic version and had been playing with the registration. I got fed up with deleting the stupid messages, switched to Pro version.

  2. tacneplong says:

    Does basic version support Recapcha ?