Profile Builder for Registration Spam Elimination

If you are reading this, you are likely having dubious honor of getting flooded with registration spams.

WordPress backend registration maybe is the most spam friendly ever conceived by a reputable software. You may have tried all the spam fighting plugins in the plugins depository/directory, but spams continue to pour in.

Without resorting to spam checking sites (not as effective as you would like to see), you can effectively stop registration by spambots using Profile Builder.

If you have downloaded the two zip files from Profile Builder for Login TIP, then you are almost set.

How does it work?

The one line ( wp_redirect( site_url(‘/register/’) ); ) added into wp-login.php will force all registrations going through Profile Builder registration page. So the backend leakage/hole is plugged. We will only need to worry about the front-end through Profile Builder.

If you are using the Pro version of Profile Builder, you may try to set some required checkbox’s to filter out registration spams.  Since I don’t have access to a Pro version, it may or may not work.

Registration spambots tend to use the same for first name and last name for registration.  This provides us a way to stop them.

An extra checking mechanism has been inserted into the modified wppb-register.php file to perform first name and last name checking. If they are same, it is spambot and registration aborts.

To work effectively, you need to set either or both first name and last name as required field under Profile Builder Settings.

If the scripting kids learn the trick, you will receive registration spams. You may consider use Pofile Builder Pro version for total spam elimination in conjunction with this Tip

Profile Builder Pro for total registration spam elimination