SEO – Nofollow Internal Links Plugin

Nofollow Internal Links plugin will add the "nofollow" rel attribute to internal link, such as read more, tag cloud links, categories, archive links, author post_link, and comments popup link. We recommend remove the following two filters //nofollow categories add_filter( 'wp_list_categories', 'cis_nofollow_wp_list_categories' ); ... ... //nofollow post category add_filter( 'the_category', 'cis_nofollow_the_category' ); ... ...   First filter will … [Read more...]

Timthumb, MaxCDN, W3 Total Cache, wp_get_attachment_image_src

Timthumb is a great piece of software used by many theme designers for thumbnail generation and manipulation. It does an excellent job resizing images, but it is also likely the biggest performance bottleneck to your site speed. The little script gets called into action whenever a page with thumbnails, such as index, home page, is viewed. Imaging how many PHP executions may be called on a busy site! Once timthumb has generated the thumbnails and images stored in the … [Read more...]

Speed Up WordPress Websites

There are many factors, slowing or speeding up your WordPress sites. They can be classified in the following categories, although in reality all they are related and need to be considered or thought through in concert. Themes Like you shop for clothing, you want something simple but elegant. Your target audience will help you decide what style of theme you will use. There are many free and paying themes. Several things to consider in choosing a theme. Paying vs free … [Read more...]

WordPress SEO, Which One You Use

Based on the numbers of downloads, the top WordPress SEO plugins with over 100,000 downloads (as of March 18, 2012): Actively being developed: All in One SEO Pack, 10,119,475 downloads WordPress SEO by Yoast, 1,072,587 downloads SEO Ultimate, 640,706 downloads Greg's High Performance SEO, 184,198 downloads Not so actively being developed Platinum SEO Pack, 696,815 downloads HeadSpace2 SEO, 563,184 downloads SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2, 259,513 … [Read more...]

WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, or Quick Cache or Hyper Cache?

We assume you are running one of cache plugins for your WordPress site; if not, then you need to implement one ASAP to improve your page speed. It has been preached again and again, your web page loading speed does play an important role in your page ranking. It also helps to retain your visitors. Unless your site has unique contents that visitors must have, you are unlikely to retain visitors to your slow-loading site. WordPress offers several cache plugins. Based on the … [Read more...]

WP CMS Post Control for Content Control

This is one of must-have plugins. It has been not been updated for over a year now, but it continues to work with WP 3.3.1. Hope the author/develop will continue to develop this plugin. What does this plugin do? gives you complete control over your write options for every user level/role in WordPress. It not only allows you to hides unwanted items like custom fields, trackbacks, revisions etc. but also gives you a whole lot more control over how WordPress deals with … [Read more...]

Profile Builder for Registration Spam Elimination

If you are reading this, you are likely having dubious honor of getting flooded with registration spams. WordPress backend registration maybe is the most spam friendly ever conceived by a reputable software. You may have tried all the spam fighting plugins in the plugins depository/directory, but spams continue to pour in. Without resorting to spam checking sites (not as effective as you would like to see), you can effectively stop registration by spambots using Profile … [Read more...]

Profile Builder for User Login

So, you have installed WordPress, in a breeze. Great, congratulations! Now you start to explore and everything seems to fabulous, until … Until you log out, what a surprise – you are greeted by WordPress!  Did WordPress hijack my site? Does WordPress have to remind visitors the site is powered by WordPress? Or worse, visitors could mistaken your sites being run by WordPress. If you happen to remove the META widget, without a login plugin, you will have to manually type … [Read more...]