Check your sitemap regularly

You may have installed a sitemap plugin long time ago and presumed it will be continuously working. Not so. To get best crawling results from search engines, be sure to check your sitemap.xml (whatever file you use) to spot any errors, especially memory allocation errors. I have been using XML & Google News Sitemap Feeds without any problems until recently. Several sites with this plugin started to experience memory problems. It did not help even with trying to … [Read more...]

Remove post image link url

For better post/page SEO, images in the post should not be clickable. You can manually select "none" for Link URL each time you upload an image into a post. But if you are not paying attention to the selection, you can accidentally add image link URL. To prevent this from happening, you can install "Remove Link URL" plugin to automatically select "none" This plugin removes the Link URL that is enabled by default when images are uploaded to your WordPress blog. There … [Read more...]

Profile Builder Pro for total registration spam elimination

If you were using the Profile Builder for user login Tip from Profile Builder basic version, you would have dramatically cut down computer-generated registration spams and you would be so relieved of not having to see so many spams filled in your mailbox. But Profile Builder basic is not 100% spam proof, you will get spams, if certain scripting kids, who have no life, have learned your trick by using different first and last names. You will not get a large volume of … [Read more...]

Move entire WordPress site to a new domain

There are times that you wish to move from one domain name to another for your WordPress site. We recently registered/acquired the .com version of one of our domains. The domain was a deleted domain that has been dropped by the person who registered it two years ago. If you can, you naturally want a .com domain for your wesite. Make no mistakes, .com is still the king of the Internet. Move a WordPress site to a new domain is not that difficult; it can be an easy, smooth … [Read more...]

Delete stubborn WordPress Mobile Pack or other web-installed directory and files

In a way to make things easier for novice or new WordPress users, some plugins, such as WordPress Mobile Pack, would employ web-install to install some files into your WordPress directory. As result, you end up with those web-installed files undeletable and stuck in your directory. How come and why? Apache web services are running as "nobody" and even though you own all your web directories but since you are NOT a "nobody", so permission is denied for file and … [Read more...]

SEOPressor on-page SEO

SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin used for on-page optimization needs. You may have spent countless time and effort improving and optimizing your site SEO, but do you know how to improve on-page SEO? Your site may have a PR 6 but how is PR # for individual post? Some of the WordPress SEO package does provide means to improve on-page SEO, but there are no benchmarking and suggestions on improving your on-page SEO. SEOPressor Scores and Recommends With its "secret" … [Read more...]

Advanced Excerpt

Advanced Excerpt is a very useful little plugin. If your theme uses its owe excerpt function (and its broken, as one of my free theme) or you want to WordPress' default Except function but you do not wish to play around with style.css to make it look nice, then this little module is for you. Advanced Excerpt plugin automatically hooks on the_excerpt() function and uses the parameters specified in the options panel. Alternatively you can call the filter … [Read more...]

WP Timeout and HTTP Media Upload Error

WP, Timeout? WP's default timeout is set at 25 seconds. If you constantly experience timeout errors, you can increase it by modifying wp-smushit.php file. Locate /** * http_request_timeout filter -- bumped up to 25 seconds for larger images */ function wp_smushit_http_request_timeout($time) { return 25; } You can increase the timeout from 25 to a bigger value. HTTP Media Upload Error If you are experiencing http error when uploading media … [Read more...]

SEO – Do It Youselfer (DIY)

Everyone needs a SEO, either a SEO plugin or a DIY SEO. Plugins are good but you don't know if they are indeed performing to your expectation. As the plugin gets more and more "advanced", things get more and more complicated. With so many parameters/variables to worry about, sometimes you need a manual to make sure if you have done right or wrong. If you are using a plugin, check page source to see if the plugin is indeed doing what you want. Or you could manually … [Read more...]