MaxCDN or Cloudfront

Among all CDN providers for WordPress blogs, MaxCDN and Amazon Cloudfront could be said among the top choices for many.

Which one to choose? Your selection/decision would largely be based on traffic pattern of your site and your geographic preference.

If your site is small but growing – use Cloudfront and don’t waste your money on MaxCDN.

If you want broad geographic presence such Asian presence, choose Cloudfront.

If you want to use it on multiple sites, choose Cloudfront.

MaxCDN’s $39.95 per year for 1TB is quite attempting, but it is ONLY for one site.   $12 for an additional site could quickly add up to your total.

Even your site traffic is quite large, Cloudfront pay-as-go price could still be cheaper and economical.  Estimate your monthly bill using the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator to make a better informed decision. With Cloudfront, you can always switch if it does not meet your requirement anymore.

This site is very small, but we do want to use a CDN to speed up the site to gain better ranking with Google and offer better experience to visitors. MaxCDN’s charging additional money for multiple sites simple kills any possibility to continue with it.

Our own experience with MaxCDN/NetDNA is not good.

We used MaxCDN/NetDNA on its pre-paid promotion offer. The service is good but customer service and customer retaining are simply terrible. There were no notices/reminders on pending expiry and MaxCDN seemly can not be bothered with pre-paid customers. Once the service is expired, MaxCDN simply wipes out your unused bandwidth and cuts you off without any warning.

After the expiry date in February, we cancelled the account, for some reasons, the account was not terminated. Out of blue, NetDNA just sent us an invoice today.

“Your account fell under zero gigabytes, so we have automatically added 1 TB of bandwidth at a discounted rate of $59.95 per TB to your account to avoid an interruption of service.”

Interruption of service? We have not used any their service since the expiry date.

It simply added the service and billed you the most expensive option. How desperately is NetDNA? Automatically? Even the account is active, who give you NetDNA the permission to add services to users’ accounts?

We ended up having to go through the cancellation process again and finally received the confirmation email for cancellation. Hopefully this will be the last time we are dealing with this company.

There are plenty people making money from referring MaxCDN – take their advice with a grain of salt. My advice is to try Couldfront for a month then decide yourself.

What is/was your experience with either MaxCDN or Cloudfront? Which one works best for you?