Check your sitemap regularly

You may have installed a sitemap plugin long time ago and presumed it will be continuously working.

Not so. To get best crawling results from search engines, be sure to check your sitemap.xml (whatever file you use) to spot any errors, especially memory allocation errors.

I have been using XML & Google News Sitemap Feeds without any problems until recently. Several sites with this plugin started to experience memory problems. It did not help even with trying to raise memory limit through wp-config.php or

To solve the problem, you may want to try to remove some of the non-essential plugins. In the case of XML & Google News Sitemap Feeds, removing plugins did not help.

It is time to change sitemap plugin.

W3 Total Cache has been suggesting Google XML Sitemaps. If you are looking for replacement for your current sitemap plugin, Google XML Sitemaps is a great choice. It is also the most downloaded sitemap plugin with over 8.7 million downloads.

Following the installation of the new sitemap plugin, the dread memory error disappeared.

Now it is working, should you forget it again? Do not, check it regularly either directly yoursite/sitemap.xml or via Google Webmaster tool.