Advanced Excerpt

Advanced Excerpt is a very useful little plugin.

If your theme uses its owe excerpt function (and its broken, as one of my free theme) or you want to WordPress’ default Except function but you do not wish to play around with style.css to make it look nice, then this little module is for you.

Advanced Excerpt plugin automatically hooks on the_excerpt() function and uses the parameters specified in the options panel. Alternatively you can call the filter the_advanced_excerpt().

The Advanced Excerpt is able to

  • Keep HTML markup in the excerpt, free to choose which tags to be included
  • Control excerpt length using either character count or word count w
  • Customize ellipsis character
  • Complete the last word or sentence in an excerpt (no weird cuts)
  • Adds a read-more link to the text
  • Use generated excerpts

If you are using thumbnail and your image appears within the word limit, be sure to uncheck img under Keep Markup (as shown below):
Advanced Excerpt

Advanced Excerpt plugin may not work due to conflict with other plugins and you may need to do an activate/deactivate routine to determine the one conflicts with this plugin.

Google authorship for multiple authors plugin is known to be conflicting with Advanced Excerpt.

Advanced Excerpt plugin